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Making a Difference for the Environment One Home at a Time.

Accent Windows is committed to helping homeowners save on their energy bills and reducing the environmental impact. Here at Accent Windows we’re proud to offer the most energy-efficient windows & doors in the industry. We also recycle our vinyl and glass at our manufacturing facility, ensuring we do our part as a company to help keep the Earth clean.

There are a number of energy efficient home improvements you can make to your home, but adding energy efficient replacement windows in Denver is by far one of the quickest ways to see savings and a lowered energy bill. The money-savings comparison listed below is based on annual savings for a 1,100 sq. foot home with new Accent Legacy windows and Structure Siding. Replacing one home with energy efficient Accent windows and doors is equivalent to taking one car off the road per year!

Improvement Savings ($/yr) Reduction in Global Warming Emissions
(in tons & vehicle miles)
Accent Windows $216 2.9 tons = 7,288 miles/yr
Accent Siding $151 2 tons = 5,088 miles/yr
Air-Leakage Reduction $43 0.6 tons = 1,500 miles/yr
TOTAL $410 5.5 tons = 13,876 miles/yr

Time to face the cold, hard truth?

  • Most homeowners spend over 40% of their annual energy budgets on heating and cooling.
  • Windows can account for up to 26% of the heat your home loses*—that’s a lot of dough! Replacing single-pane with energy efficient windows can trim up to $266 a year off your energy bill.**

heat losses and gains*According to the U.S. Department of Energy    ** According to


More Energy-Efficient than ever, thanks to Accent Windows and Doors that offer you savings from the start!

Accent energy-efficient windows will reduce your energy consumption during the many years you use them in your home. Studies show that using vinyl window frames saves the United States nearly 2 trillion BTUs of energy each year — enough to supply a year’s electricity to 20,000 single-family homes.

Compared to many alternatives, vinyl requires less energy to convert raw materials into finished products. Not only are vinyl windows an energy efficient home improvement  for you but, a Franklin associates life-cycle study found that manufacturing vinyl windows requires three times less energy that is used to produce aluminum.

multi chamber

Multichamber Design (Accent Legacy and Premier Series)

Accent Windows are among the most energy-efficient on the market, thanks to their exceptional insulation attributes. Our multichamber design reduces thermal exchange and, with more enclosed air space than other brands, increases insulation values — without the addition of costly, less recyclable insulating material.

Comfortable to the Touch

Vinyl does not conduct – it insulates against both heat and cold. So, Accent windows and doors manufactured using PH Tech’s PVC remain comfortable to the touch. You’ll appreciate not having to worry about condensation or drafts.

U-Value Comparison

U-value comparison for different window frame materials

Ultra Air Tight Windows

Ultra Airtight

Put an end to drafts with Accent windows and patio doors. Built to be ultra airtight, they’re among the best-performing windows on the planet. You can feel the difference – less air changes equal more energy savings.

Global High Performance

Global High Performance

Accent window models allow for triple glazing, which is the top-performing glass on the market today. And to round out the package, Accent windows are built to be air and watertight, so they’ll match the high performance of the glass you choose. Triple glazed glass and an air and watertight window frame equals the best performing window you can buy, period.

Choose Accent Windows for Energy Efficiency

While we believe you will see the value in adding energy efficient windows and doors to your home immediately and for years to come there are also benefits to choosing Accent for your energy efficient home improvements:

Contact us today about a free estimate and be on your way to a more comfortable home and long term financial savings.